“If there are protectionist measures, India will be compelled to also take commensurate measures against those countries which will be good for no one.”
-World Economic Forum, DAVOS, Switzerland

Popular in the international press as the "Chief Indian Negotiator", the pro tem Speaker of the current 16th Lok Sabha of India, Ex-Minister of Urban Development, author, Kamal Nath is one of the visionary leaders of Indian National Congress. His hard-line negotiating abilities at WTO Geneva Global Trade meeting in 2008 grabbed many eyeballs.

"The Geneva meet is not meant to increase the prosperity of developed countries but reduce the poverty of developing countries."

While writing bright future for India, he parallelly changed an impoverished constituency, Chhindwara, where about 1.2 million people earning meager wages, with limited facilities which just about helps to sustain them, over the time villagers started to dote on him, sometimes washing his feet with their bare hands in metal basins as a sign of respect.

Veteran politician and nationally acclaimed Indian National Congress leader Kamal Nath was born on 18th Nov 1946 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He has contributed towards Indian politics over three decades with his rich knowledge and vast experience in various fields of politics, science commerce and industry. A naive 24-year-old, St. Xavier College, Kolkata graduated embarked on his journey to Indian politics in late 1970. He was the classmate of Sanjay Gandhi at school and shares a good family term with Nehru family. Coming from an affluent background joining Indian politics was one of the preposterous things for Shri KamalNath. During the mid-1970s when India was undergoing an emergency, in his own words he got "Sucked into politics". Indian National Congress election loss during 1977 had a huge impact on his political ambition. Even though his father thought "politics is a game for scoundrels", he joined Indian Youth Congress and headed for one of the toughest inglorious period of Indian politics with a brave heart. Much to his credit after a decade-long hard work and diligence first national level recognition came to him when he got elected to Lok Sabha in 1980. During this time of the election, Indira Gandhi told the people of Chhindwara that "I am giving you my son". He is popularly known as the third son of Indira Gandhi.

Ever since the early 1980s his journey has been unstoppable which reflects in his winning election for Lok Sabha in 1985, 1989, 1991 and finally getting inducted into the cabinet in 1991. One of the astounding fact about seasoned politician Kamal Nath is that he holds a record of being elected to Lok Sabha 9 times in the history of Indian National Congress and India’s politics. He became one of the prominent figures of Indian Nation Congress at the national level during the 1990s. 19th Jan 2011 onwards he served as a Union Cabinet Minister for the Urban Development.

He served as Union Minister of State (Independent charge) for environment and forest (1991-1995), Union Minister of State (independent charge) for the textile (1995-1996) and Union Minister of Commerce and Industry (2004-2009).

Kamal Nath is popularly regarded as the architect of chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. Since 1980 he has been instrumental in Chhindwara's development. Chhindwara will always remain indebted to the intellectual strength of Kama Nath. His strong principles, ethics have greatly rewarded to flourish Chhindwara.

From 4th June to 5th June 2014 Kamal Nath was the only member to have taken official oath as a member of parliament of the 16th Lok Sabha. He was made the ProTem Speaker of the newly elected Lok Sabha. The first day of the Lok Sabha on which the Pro Tem Speaker administers the oath of all other elected member as the Member of Parliament was called off due to the Death of Union Cabinet Rural Development Minister Gopinath Munde. The House was adjourned after paying a tribute to Gopinath Munde and observing a two-minute silence.


Kamal Nath's Journey